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Example Revive Message
Example Revive Message
Customized Topic
Customized Topic
Modern Dashboard
Modern Dashboard

Bot's Functionality

Maintain Activity in All Your Channels

A powerful bot that keeps servers and channels alive by sending revival messages, pings, and engaging conversation starters, ensuring active and vibrant communities.


Discover the Power of Chat Reviver

Revive Messages

Revive messages re-energize inactive channels by delivering pings and engaging prompts, promoting lively conversations in your server.

Customizable Topics

Customizable topics allow users to tailor conversation starters, injecting a personal touch into the chat revival process.


Nightmode prevents chat revivals during sleep hours, tailors schedules, and adjusts timezones based on user preferences and location.


Track activity, identify trends, and optimize your chat revival strategies to keep your community thriving.

Choose Your Language

The bot empowers users to personalize their language settings for a customized experience within the Dead Chat Reviver.


The dashboard streamlines bot management for a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

Delve Deeper into Our Core Features

Automated Reanimation Messages

Never let your chat go silent. Our automated reanimation feature takes action, detecting inactivity and injecting fresh energy with tailored messages.

Tailored Engagement Criteria

Define the rules for inactivity based on your server's dynamics. Customize criteria to ensure reanimation messages align perfectly with your community's unique engagement patterns. Personalize messages and select specific roles for instant involvement, ensuring your chat stays vibrant and active.

Bring your chat to life with custom conversation topics crafted by you. Combat moments of silence with uniquely tailored discussion points.

Effortless Topic Organization

Simplify topic management by organizing them into collections. Effortlessly switch between themes, keeping your conversations diverse and engaging.

Dynamic Conversations and Global Interaction Hub

Dive into a diverse array of 151 conversation starters with our default set, sparking engaging discussions to keep your chat dynamic. Foster a truly global experience with auto-translated default topics, exploring conversations in multiple languages for inclusivity and diverse interactions.

Ensure uninterrupted nights with our Nightmode feature, designed to prevent chat revivals during sleep hours.

Tailored Schedule Preferences

Make Nightmode your own by customizing the schedule to align perfectly with your sleep patterns and server activity.

Automatic Timezone Adjustment

Stay in sync with your location. Nightmode automatically adjusts the timezone, allowing for seamless management based on your geographical preferences.


Navigating the Bot's Functions

Shows details about the bot and its commands
Facilitates customization of language and additional preferences

Required Arguments
lang – Desired language setting
Provides a random conversation starter to liven up the chat
Generates a link to access the dashboard
Creates a new set of topics for the server
Set up or modify revive message settings for a specific channel using this command

Required Arguments
channel – Designated channel for the rules
time – Time of inactivity required to trigger the bot

Optional Arguments
role – Designate a role for pinging when the chat becomes inactive
Removes a specific channel's revive message

Required Arguments
channel – Designated channel for the rules
Shows all revive message channels along with their respective settings on the server
Suspends pinging during designated sleeping hours

Required Arguments
channel – Designated channel for the rules


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Our Customers are our Biggest Fans


via Discord

“The ability to customize and personalize the questions and/or prompts has helped bolster our feeling of community on our server! It has brought a lot of joy and more organic conversations to our server chats!“



“It has worked well so far. It's very simple to set up. [...] I thought you would have to put the time down, like 00:30:00. But it makes it easier, instead of writing the full thing out, you can just do 30m. [...] Overall, it's pretty simple and fun to use!“


via Discord

“Setting up the bot was incredibly easy, and choosing our server's primary language made our members feel right at home.“



“Really cool! Even has five different languages. And I love the custom topics!“

Thunder Hawk

via Discord

“Customizable Topics have allowed us to create tailored conversation starters that perfectly fit our community's vibe.“


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