Dead Chat Reviver

Sent 8,590,221 revives
into 11,196 server
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Revive Messages

  • Automatically send reanimation messages when the chat is inactive
  • Set your own criteria for chat inactivity
  • Customize messages to your preference
  • Choose a specific role to ping for instant engagement

Revive Message Example
Custom Topic Setup

Custom Topics

  • Craft your unique conversation topics for moments of silence
  • Organize topics into collections for effortless switching
  • Dive into 151 conversation starters in the default set
  • Explore auto-translated default topics for a global chat experience


  • Prevent chat revivals during sleep hours
  • Tailor the schedule to your preferences
  • Adjust the timezone according to your location

Nightmode Setup
Multi-Language topic

Choose Your Language

  • Select from 5 different language options
  • Supported languages:
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian

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Commands used


Revive Messages sent


Command Usage
/help Displays information about the bot and its commands
/settings Allows customization of language and other preferences lang - Desired language setting
/dashboard Provides a link to the dashboard
/setup Configures a revive message for a specific channel. Use the same command to modify settings.

channel - Target channel for the rules
time - Duration of inactivity to activate the bot
role - Role to ping when the chat becomes inactive
/delete Removes a specific channel's revive message.

channel - Channel with the revive message to be removed
/list Displays all revive message channels and their settings on the server
/topic Shares a random conversation starter to revive the chat
/nightmode Suspends pinging during designated sleeping hours.

channel - Channel where nightmode settings apply
/create topic Establishes a new collection of topics for the server

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