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Revive Messages

The bot sends a reanimation message when the chat is dead for a certain amount of time.
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Custom Topics

Add your own topics which will be displayed whenever people don't know what to talk about.


Setting this up will prevent the bot from sending revive messages at night.

Language Support

In the Bot Settings, you can choose a different language if your server isn't english.







Revive Messages sent


Command Usage
/help Outputs some information about the bot and its commands.
/setup Sets up a revive message for a channel. Use the same command to change your settings.

channel - The channel on which these rules should apply
time - Amount of time the channel should be inactive for the bot to activate
role - The role you want to ping when the chat dies
/delete Removes a revive message channel.
/list Displays a list of all revive message channels and their settings on the server.
/topic Sends a random conversation starter to help reviving the chat.
/nightmode Stop the bot from pinging while everyone's sleeping.

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