Dead Chat Reviver

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Revive Messages

  • The bot sends a reanimation message when the chat is dead
  • Customize the message as much as you want
  • You define when it's dead
  • Pick a role to ping

Revive Message Example
Custom Topic Setup

Custom Topics

  • Add your own topics which will be displayed whenever people don't know what to talk about.
  • Create collections which allows you to easily switch between different groups of topics
  • Default collection of 151 conversation starters
  • Auto-translated default topics


  • Stop the bot from pinging while everyone's sleeping
  • Customize the schedule
  • Customize the timezone

Nightmode Setup
Multi-Language topic


  • Pick one of 5 different languages
  • Supported languages:
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian

We do not support spamming and try to ban everyone who does so.

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Commands used


Revive Messages sent


Command Usage
/help Outputs some information about the bot and its commands.
/settings Allows you to change the language and more. lang - The new language
/dashboard Sends you the link to the dashboard.
/setup Sets up a revive message for a channel. Use the same command to change your settings.

channel - The channel on which these rules should apply
time - Amount of time the channel should be inactive for the bot to activate
role - The role you want to ping when the chat dies
/delete Removes a revive message channel.

channel - The channel whose revive message is to be removed
/list Displays a list of all revive message channels and their settings on the server.
/topic Sends a random conversation starter to help reviving the chat.
/nightmode Stop the bot from pinging while everyone's sleeping.

channel - The channel whose revive messages nightmode is to be set up
/create topic Creates a new collection of topics for the server.

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